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About us

Welcome to United Research Services International!

URS International is a part of UWG – United World Group Holdings LLC, which is a business conglomerate present in the UAE, Singapore and India. The group has diverse business interests, mainly Research and Publishing, Media Consulting, Real Estate, and Gems & Jewels.


The 69 India’s Greatest Brands & Leaders 2015-16 – Pride of the Nation Series Awards & Business Summit is a research-based listing using both primary and secondary data researched across fifteen industries and sixty two sub-categories evaluating Brands across India. The Process Reviewer for this research-based listing is PricewaterhouseCoopers P.L. India’s Greatest Brands is a mission where brands are scanned, researched, understood and after much deliberation by a competent team of experts, are put on deserving pedestals for the admiration and veneration of the world. We delve into the history of the brands, let their beams of achievement play with us, feel the fire within these brands, and move along with their driving force. Finally, after the reveling in the process, we feature our humble yet expert insights into the making and rising of these brands that are truly India’s Greatest!

For anyone who is interested in the success story of these India’s greatest brands, or the fire within that made them succeed, or the driving force that put them on the path to great success, or finally the tour de force that make them great and the quantum leaps that provides a hint and an insight into their future, we render in a transparent manner all the desirable information about these brands, and more.


We are a leading International Media house with a Business & News publication named “URS-AsiaOne” which has presence in electronic and print media. Our reader audience is in nine countries of Asia and the Middle East: India, Dubai, Singapore, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Hong King, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka with a highly professional network of a full-time editorial team and some of the best authors in the region.

At AsiaOne magazine, we strive to deliver News and Analysis on Business, Policy and Lifestyle, covering the entire continent. Further, we do six special research-based issues in a year, with process advisory and evaluations by one of the big four consulting firms, and thus create and finally have an individual IPR – Intellectual Property – on the same. A few researches we have conducted across the continent of Asia include multiple industry features and then some industry-specific stories, such as on Education, Real Estate, Healthcare, Services and Manufacturing sectors. Our core focus has been on creating par excellence print products in terms of magazine issues and coffee table presentations, along with Business Summits and Brand and Leader Awards recognising some of the greatest companies in the continent.

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